Lynette Wuensch, Reserve Specialist, has conducted Reserve Studies throughout Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Kentucky, and North Carolina bringing the highest level of service to our clients. Our diverse clientele ranges from small condominiums, single family communities, high-rise condominiums to large scale communities and resorts. EPR takes pride in going beyond traditional or standardized reserve studies which are fixed in time. Our interactive reserve study platform is an innovative solution for keeping your reserve study up to date.

Per our proven approach and process – EPR meets with the management and/or board members first to discuss the reserve components and any problems the property is experiencing. After the meeting, a property inspection to record, measure and assess the current condition of each common element is conducted, looking for ‘outliers’ in condition. Special attention will be given to the problem areas discussed in the meeting. As part of the physical analysis, photos are taken to document the condition of the common elements. Based on the physical analysis of each element, the expected life of each common element and variances from the expected conditions, the engineer estimates a remaining useful life for each. We base our estimates of replacement costs from privately sourced data in your region and locality (our proprietary database) per the unique conditions of your property, and our unmatched cost-engineering experience. These costs are individually researched from the databases of R.S. Means and Engineering News Record, authorities on labor and local material costs. We also apply information from our proprietary database of thousands of actual replacement projects, many specific to your area. Our engineering expertise and local contractor information further assures the accuracy of replacement cost estimates.

Our services result in a strong analysis of your development’s reserve needs for 30 years into the future. Your Reserve Specialist, a professional engineer, is available using one of several formats: phone, web conferencing, and in-person, to discuss the results of the reserve study. This process is conducted in a working session to walk through changes, conduct what-if scenarios, and to answer any questions you might have prior to finalizing the study. This process allows you to make more informed management decisions.

Adequately funding your Reserves protects and enhances the physical assets in the community. It also protects and enhances the investment that each owner has made in buying property in the community. It does this by making sure that funds are available to replace worn out components on a timely basis while avoiding the need for special assessments. We are here to help you financially prepare to manage your investment for the next 30 years.

EPR is a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI), and fully supports CAI Reserve Study Standards.

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