MA Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia, 2014Rehnborg_Pic

BA Public nad Urban Affairs: Urban Policy and Planning, Virginia Tech University, 2008

Community and Organizational Development Planner, US Peace Corps, 2010-2012, Pogradec, Albania

Planner, Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission 2008 and 2009


Matthew is an urban planner whose work is inspired by a diverse range of professional experiences and an extensive education in urban planning, as well as a passion for engaging the challenges and opportunities presented to today’s small cities and towns. He utilizes skills in GIS and data analysis, policy analysis, and graphic design to assess current conditions and to help both leaders and community members understand and participate in efforts to achieve their future development goals.

Representative Projects

Central Virginia Long Range Transportation Plan 2040 Update- Matthew is currently serving as a transportation planner in the 2040 update to the regional LRTP. He is actively contributing to the process of developing an innovative project evaluation process, as well as conducting an extensive analysis of over 50 proposed projects.

Lynchburg Better Streets Design Manual – Matthew, through Placeworks Collaborative, is serving as the primary planner in the development of an analysis and design guidelines for the city’s multimodal transportation network. These guidelines demonstrate ways to apply the Virginia Dept. of Rail and Public Transportation’s recently published Multimodal System Design Guidelines to a small urban setting.

Montgomery County Comprehensive Plan Update- Matthew assisted in an update of the Montgomery County, Virginia Comprehensive Plan, focusing primarily on housing policy recommendations.

Real Estate Development Courses- Matthew served as the teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate level real estate development classes at the University of Virginia, both of which involved extensive review and analysis of development ordinances for the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

2035 Roanoke Valley Area Long Range Transportation Plan – Matthew, while working for the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission, contributed a robust analysis of regional freight movement—including freight data and a summary of potential freight infrastructure improvements—to the 2035 update of the region’s LRTP.

US 220 and Route 116 Corridor Reviews – While working for the RVARC, Matthew conducted two reviews of important regional corridors that were used to support future transportation planning efforts. Both projects entailed the collection of data related to traffic, roadway and bridge conditions, accident locations, current and future land uses, historic structures, and sensitive environmental areas.

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