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Principal Civil Engineer

Professional Engineer in VA, NC, FL

Certified Floodplain Manager

BS Environmental Engineering, University of Central Florida, 1992

Member of American Society of Civil Engineers, Environmental and Water Resources Institute, Virignia Floodplain Managers Association, and Association

Ms. Wuensch has over 20 years’ of experience with engineering and planning across a broad spectrum of projects, including Public Involvement, Traffic Signalization Design, Pedestrian Safety Improvements, Roadway design Improvements, Development of Master Plans, Stormwater/Drainage design and improvements, and Highway Drainage among others. She has prepared construction plans for signal design, signing and marking design, parking design, drainage system analysis and design, and civil site designs. Additionally, she has experience working in multidiscipline team environments and leading work efforts towards the successful completion of projects. Her project experience has been for municipal, state, and private sector entities and she excels at working with a diverse group of stakeholders to find optimum solutions in challenging environments.

City of Lynchburg, VA
Layout and design of traffic signalization and pedestrian improvements for:

  • Langhorne Road at Memorial Blvd

  • Paulette Cir. And Enterprise Dr

  • Wards Road and Harvard St – Liberty University tunnel improvements

  • Langhorne Road at Murrell Rd.

  • Wards Road at Atlanta Ave. – optimized signal timing using Synchro 5.0

  • Langhorne Road and Atherholt Road

  • Langhorne Road and Cranehill Drive

  • Graves Mill Road at US 501 Eastbound Ramp

  • Centra Health Inc., Fine Arts Center Site (Pedestrian Signal)

  • Montview Commons/Walmart at Wards Road

  • Thompson Dr. & Altherholt Rd

  • Memorial Ave. and Chanbers St.

  • The Vistas II at Dreaming Creek

  • Wards Road Pedestrian Improvements

  • Greenview Drive and Leesville Road

  • Old Forest Road and Lakeside Drive

  • Expressway at Andersons Store

  • Fort Ave and Edgewood

  • Old Forest Road/Timberlake Road Intersection Improvements – assisted the City of Lynchburg with an intersection planning and design project adjacent to Lynchburg College. The College and the City are interested in improving pedestrian access and vehicular capacity while helping to provide a gateway feature for the Lynchburg College area.  Provided an engineering level concept for a new roundabout along with pedestrian features and sidewalks in the project area.  Cost estimates were developed that served as a basis for a Revenue Sharing grant from VDOT.  The project was funded and, working in concert with a team of designers, Lynette provide the stormwater and signing and marking plans for the project.

  • Responsible for the Public Involvement Process for the Greater Lynchburg Transit Center Maintenance and Transfer site location project, due to media outreach, one-on-one coordination and project team coordination the project enjoyed well-attended and positive public workshops. Also responsible for the Erosion and Seditment Control and Stormwater Design/Layout for the construction phase of the project.

Town of Blacksburg, VA

  • Responsible for the Public Involvement Process for the Blacksburg Transit intermodal center. This processes included the use of media sources to ensure complete communication to neighborhoods, one-one meetings with community leaders to detail the design process, as well, as the public involvement and organizing meeting space that was convenient for residents.

  • Responsible for the design of traffic signalization and pedestrian improvements for the intersection at the High School.

City of Richmond, VA

  • Responsible for the Public Involvement Process for the GRTC Transfer site location project. Responsible for the media outreach, project team coordination, as well as public involvement/workshops and organizing the meeting space.
  • Design and layout the drainage improvements for Hathaway Road. Responsible for the drainage calculation, plan and profiles, cross section, and the erosion & sediment control plans. The existing design was an open ditch layout, and the proposed layout was a combination of open swales and closed stormsewer. The proposed improvements also incorporated a new paved shoulder and sidewalk.

  • Design and layout for the Douglasdale Road drainage improvements. Responsible for the drainage calculations, plans prep, and erosion & sediment control plans.

Chesterfield County, VA

  • Conceptual Layout for a proposed Day Care Facility, which included the building, parking, and playground layout for a proposed 1.5 acre site.
  • Preliminary design for Noble Academy. Coordination with Chesterfield County, Survey, ESA, Building layout, and site plan.

  • Final design of Noble Academy, which will house 106 students in a 5,052 square foot building. The design, construction plan preparation, permitting of the site with Chesterfield County, as well as construction administration. The plan set included the following sheets: Cover, General Notes and Typical Details, Layout & Utility Plan, Grading & Drainage Plan, Drainage Area Map, Erosion Control Notes & Detail, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan, Lighting Photometrics Plan, and Landscape Plan.

City of Petersburg, VA

  • Responsible for the drainage design as well as the erosion & sediment control design and plan preparation for the proposed Multi-modal transit center. The project consisted of the following: evaluation of the existing drainage for the 4.5 acre site, re-grading of the site, and the design of an enclosed storm sewer system, including inlets and manholes.

City of Charlottesville, VA

  • Responsible for assisting city staff with design efforts, plan review, and preparation of final contract documents.

  • On call for assisting city staff with drainage improvements throughout the city. Project list consist of Brandywine, Cherry and Highland, Elm Street, Farish Street, Kenwood, Meadowbrook, and Mulberry Ave.

  • Responsible for overseeing the traffic counts for the Belmont Signal Timing project.

  • Wheeler/Ivy Road Shopping Center drafting and design support for the proposed site/intersection improvements.

  • Whole Foods Shopping Center, responsible for the signalization design and plans preparation.

  • North Bershire, responsible for determining the base flood elevation in the stream adjacent to the proposed Habitat for Humanity house. Also for setting the finish floor elevation for that proposed structure.

  • Monticello Avenue and Rialto Road, responsible for pedestrian safety improvement design and plan preparation of final contract documents.

  • E. Market Street Improvement Plan Conceptual Design, the analyisis was to include identification of appropriate geometry based on turning movement considerations, driveway access considerations, available street width, sight lines, and consideration of pedestrian needs, preliminary conceptual curb extension and pedestrian enhancement plan for City review, and examine the concept level design.

  • Signal Documentation and Inventory for each of the signals located throughout the City.

  • Belmont Neighborhood Commercial District Pedestrian and Streetscape Improvements – provided final concept scenarios and then full construction documents for the Belmont commercial district. The design concept included sidewalk improvements, intersection modifications, and developing additional public space within the retail environment.  The design environment included numerous difficult utility location and coordination considerations. Worked closely with the City staff including using the City’s in-house surveyor. The project bids are due the week of January 28th, 2013.

  • Belmont traffic calming design and layout. Responsible for preparing several design and layout options for the Belmont area. These options evaluated parking and pedestrian needs. Preparation of final Traffic Calming design and layout for the Hinton and Belmont Neighborhood.

  • AutoCAD support for the City Standard Specifications. Responsible for creating the city standard details in AutoCAD format.

  • Pedestrian improvements turn lane extensions, and Traffic calming design and layout for several intersections throughout the city. These included Hydraulic and the bypass, Emmet and Arlington, Monticello and 6th, Hampton and Rives, as well as Preston and Washington Park.

  • Fifeville CDBG Streetscape Project – developed final concepts and then construction documents for a CDBG funded streetscaping and multimodal improvement project. After gaining consensus on the preferred design scenario, she worked with the City’s in-house surveyor  for base mapping and then provided complete design services which included incorporation green street features using  bioswales and innovative an innovative stormwater design.  The project bids came in within two percent of the engineers cost estimate. Currently assisting with construction administration.

  • Safe Routes to School – traffic and pedestrian improvements for the Belmont/Meridian, Monticello/6th, and Monticello/Rialto intersections. This project included the addition of handicap ramps, sidewalk extensions, and traffic calming measures.

  • JAUNT Parking Lot Design – recently completed a design for new parking facility for JAUNT, the Charlottesville region paratransit service provider.  The project was FTA funded.  The design utilized an innovative permeable pavement structure which results in zero runoff within the design storm event.   The project was bid within 5% of the engineers cost estimate and will be fully constructed by the end of January 2013.  Responsible for providing as-built drawings to JAUNT as a final project phase.

Albemarle County, VA

  • King Family Vineyards; traffic counts as well as proposed site layout entrance changes.

  • Free Union Country Store, provided concept design for access and intersection improvements

  • Crown Motor; responsibilities included several field reviews to determine current and to evaluate proposed conditions to order to evaluate the drainage concerns.

Asheville Transportation Network Plan for the East of the Riverway Sustainable Communities Initiative

  • Lynette conducted detailed field investigations for projects identified through the project stakeholder process. Based on the field investigations, planning level costs, and plan refinements were developed and provided to the team in support of this planning effort.

Commonwealth Business Park Traffic Impact Study, NC and VA

  • Lynette served as lead traffic analyst for a traffic impact study that extended into both NC and VA. The project effort included coordination with the NCDOT, VDOT, and Henry County Virginia. Recommendations were developed for short and long term road improvements, including a significant interchange modification effort in NC along Route 220.

Reserve Studies, VA

  • Building and Condominium Reserve Studies – working closely with Tim Rohrmoser at Design Management Associates to provide reserve studies for building owners and condominium associations throughout Virginia.  The effort includes a detailed assessment of building condition relative to life cycle and maintenance funding. 

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