Senior Transportation Engineer/PlannerJeanie

BSCE UVA, minor Urban and Environmental Planning

Professional Engineer, AL, VA, FL

Member Institute of Transportation Engineers



Jeanie Alexander is a licensed professional engineer with 18 years of experience in traffic engineering and transportation planning. She has experience working in both the public and private sectors on a variety of projects. Her technical experience includes signing and striping projects, traffic signal optimization, neighborhood traffic management, traffic calming, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, parking, site plan and traffic impact study review, traffic safety improvements and work zone permit reviews. She has also lead regional and corridor transportation planning projects. The success of these projects hinged on coordination with area agencies, and communication with the public, City Council and the Planning Commission. As the City Traffic Engineer for the City of Charlottesville her goal was to find safe, cost effective transportation solutions that improved travelers’ mobility across all modes of transportation.

InSync Traffic Adaptive System Implementation, Emmet St/Bus.29 in Charlottesville- Jeanie is leading

Charlottesville East-West Bicycle Corridor Improvements, City of Charlottesville

Jeanie led the effort to create a bicycle friendly corridor spanning the City of Charlottesville from its western to eastern borders. The route travels through the University of Virginia, downtown Charlottesville and various neighborhoods. The improvements include new bicycle lanes, updated lane markings, improved signing, bicycle detection (including markings and signs), removal of on-street parking and the first shared lane markings within the City. This effort included meetings with the Bicycle Safety Committee, presentations to City Council and meetings with local business owners and residents. In 2012, Charlottesville was recognized by the League of American bicyclists as a Silver Level Bike Friendly Community.

Pedestrian Improvements, City of Charlottesville

While with the City of Charlottesville, Jeanie led the effort for many pedestrian improvements. The most notable were focused in the downtown and UVA areas and included upgrading all signals within the City to uniform hand/man, countdown, push-button actuated operation, bringing curb ramps up to ADA standards, installing LED crosswalks at ten locations, installing audible pedestrian signals at ten locations and establishing an ongoing Pedestrian Safety Committee. Jeanie worked closely with this committee to achieve these goals and in 2012 the City was recognized as a Silver Level Walk Friendly Community.

Special Events, City of Charlottesville

As a member of the Citys Special Events Committee Ms. Alexander reviewed the traffic implications of road races, parades, festivals and other events impacting City streets. Beyond the committee, working with the Secret Service and others, she facilitated the transportation modifications needed to prepare for presidential candidate Obama to visit Charlottesville. In addition, she worked with UVA staff on traffic issues related to John Paul Jones Arena, UVa football and other UVa events.

School Traffic Improvements, City of Charlottesville

Jeanie, working with the Pedestrian Safety Committee and with the approval of the City School Board, reduced the speed limits to 15 mph on the roadways adjacent to four City Schools to encourage pedestrian activity and improve pedestrian safety. She also worked with the principals at two elementary schools to improve the traffic flow at arrival and dismissal.

Charlottesville Downtown Parking Study – Jeanie managed the City’s most recent downtown district parking study. Recommendations for a consistent downtown parking scheme, back-in parking, and revised policies

FDOT District 3 – Districtwide Miscellaneous Traffic Operations On-Call Contract

As the District 3 on-call consultant, Jeanie managed traffic engineering studies and design projects for turn lane improvements, traffic signal installation and military base access improvements. The projects included coordination with the client, sub consultants, utility companies and local officials.

West Florida Regional Planning Council On-Call

Jeanie served as the project manager and lead engineer for several corridor studies, long range transportation plan updates, bicycle and pedestrian plans, a transit facility siting and transit access barrier study. Each project involved extensive public involvement, presentations to MPO board members and presentations to local elected officials. The primary focus of the corridor studies was to improve safety through access management. The recommendations included adding medians, closing median breaks, optimizing signal timings and consolidating driveways.

The long range transportation plan updates and bicycle and pedestrian plans examined multiple scenarios with varied land use and transportation improvements. The plans provided the basis for prioritizing transportation improvements for three MPOs.

Transit Facility Siting Study

Jeanie led the search for a new site for the Bay County Transit Agency and a study of barriers to transit access in Pensacola. Both projects relied heavily on GIS analysis, field visits and one-on- one coordination with the local leaders.

Bicycle Safety Related City Code and State Legislation Changes

Jeanie proposed changes to Charlottesvilles City Code requiring children age 14 and under to wear helmets while bicycling in Charlottesville. City Council adopted these changes and Jeanie coordinated with the City Police Department to provide helmets to children in need.

Jeanie petitioned the state legislature to allow for bicyclists to travel in the contraflow direction on one-way streets. The change was passed by the House transportation subcommittee, House and Senate transportation subcommittee. It was defeated by two votes in the Senate.

Escambia County On-Call

Jeanie provided on-call traffic engineering services for Escambia County. Typical assignments included review of TIAs, traffic operations analysis, signal timing and neighborhood traffic management.

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