Principal Planner

Drew is a transportation planner who understands the importance of developing creative multimodal design solutions that balance connectivity, accessibility and safety. He has consulted with agencies across the US and completed corridor plans, regional freight plans, long range plans, and traffic studies from Florida to California to the Northeast. He works closely with transportation agencies, stakeholders and the general public to build consensus to ensure realistic solutions effectively meet short and long term needs. Mr. Draper is also thoroughly familiar with project management techniques and planning, and is adept at addressing the essential elements of each task with great attention to detail. Mr. Draper has extensive experience employing simulation models to evaluate and visualize alternatives including Synchro/Simtraffic, VISSIM, GIS and the Highway Capacity Software (HCS).


Representative Projects

Mount Cross Road Corridor Analysis, Danville VA
Drew managed this corridor analysis that identified necessary physical and operational improvements that were needed because of increased traffic and multimodal demand associated, in large part, to growth in Averett University. The final product provided specific recommendations to accommodate the design scenario traffic (regular and special event), meet the multimodal access needs of developments, and provide documentation to support funding applications and the implementation process. To note, a roundabout was ultimately determined to be the best option to accommodate regular and special event related traffic at a key intersection along this important corridor.

North Suffolk Connector Traffic Study, Suffolk VA
The North Suffolk Connector (NSC) is a minor arterial that was identified in Suffolk’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan as a potential solution for avoiding the at-grade rail crossings on Nansemond Parkway and Shoulders Hill Road. Drew served as the Project Manager on the traffic study that performed a link level assessment and intersection analysis under future conditions. Traffic projections, roadway lane needs, access management and geometric/turn lane requirements were assessed.

STARS Timberlake Road Corridor Study, Lynchburg VA
Drew is serving as a Deputy Project Manager on a corridor study that is identifying operational and safety challenges, and developing potential transportation solutions. The study has evaluated the existing conditions and developed future traffic projections on Timberlake Road between Waterlick Road (Route 622) and Leesville Road. The project will identify deficiencies in the road network; formulate alternatives and corrective measures; compute cost estimates; and prioritize recommended improvements.

TIGER Grant Support
Mr. Draper managed the development of a successful TIGER grant application for the Broward MPO. The grant application was awarded the full ask amount of $11.4 million leveraged with $7.7 million of local funds.  The funds will be used to complete five (5) critical gaps and extend the reach of the existing Broward Regional Complete Streets network to restore safe multimodal access to community resources for vulnerable populations. Safe, clearly delineated bicycle and pedestrian facilities will be installed and innovative features such as internally illuminated reflective pavement marking (IIRPM) to improve visibility will be deployed.  Mr. Draper was the consultant manager and principal author and analyst of the application narrative.

STARS Route 55 Corridor Study, Front Royal VA
VDOT, in conjunction with Warren County, is studying Route 55 from the eastern town limits of Front Royal to Route 79 (Apple Mountain Road) to analyze alternative safety and operations improvements within the corridor. Drew is serving as a Deputy Project Manager on this corridor study that is identifying existing and future operational, safety and access management issues within the corridor and address those problems by evaluating and recommending strategically targeted and affordable roadway solutions.

Main Street Corridor Improvement Concepts, Danville VA
Drew served as the Project Manager and developed a range of conceptual improvements leading to a preferred plan that addressed current and long-range multimodal travel and community quality of life issues along this important link. The plan re-envisioned north Main Street into a Complete Streets environment.

Broward MPO Freight Transportation Advisory Committee
Drew, through efforts with another firm, worked with the Broward MPO to establish a Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC). The FTAC is comprised of members involved with the movement, storage and distribution of freight. The Chair and Vice-Chair, supported by public sector “advisors,” included FEC Railway and Port Everglades, respectively. The FTAC provides a forum for an open dialogue where the freight community can gain insight into the MPO’s decisions and upcoming projects and provide much needed industry input to decision-makers regarding freight transportation priorities and expenditures.

Interstate Port Accessibility and Freight Mobility Reports
Efficient access to and from Florida’s ports is largely driven by the function of the interstates. As such, Drew worked with FDOT Central Office to provide long-range interstate planning services along I-75, I-95 and I-10. He utilized FHWA’s Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) projections and FDOT’s weigh-in-motion data to evaluate trucking patterns and commodity flow characteristics to determine not only impacts to the interstate (in terms of truck traffic and weight), but regional trends in port trading patterns. Trends that were determined led to potential policy for resurfacing and more focused port and trucking studies.

San Joaquin Valley Interregional Goods Movement Plan
Drew was responsible for extensive public outreach and the development of strategies specific to the movement of goods. The project area extended across multiple counties and encompassed the San Joaquin Valley of California. Drew conducted multiple interviews with stakeholders to gain insight into local needs and project direction. He also provided technical review and assisted in developing strategies to meet the goals of the long-range plan. This analysis included the successful completion of a sub-area truck travel demand model validation that improved the ability to forecast future truck volumes within the project study area.

Oregon Statewide Freight Transportation Strategy
Drew was responsible for developing realistic but effective statewide strategies to achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions from the freight transportation sector. This analysis required an effective bundling of a wide-ranging set of technology, fuel, land use, demand management, and transportation strategies. Mr. Draper conducted strategy testing to present various scenarios providing a policy framework for implementation.


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